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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much it cost to make one costume? 

It depends on design and difficulties of the costume. Please contact us using this form.


2. How long does it take to make a costume ?

It depends on design and how much orders that I still doing in that time. But usually cosplay1 do our project in 30- 60 days.


3. Why Cosplay1.com only accept payment from verified paypal account only?

We very concern on security of our deals. We need to be sure that we received “clean” money from our clients.


4. Can I receive progress photos of my cosplay costume?


Yes, cosplay1.com always give progress photos to all of our clients. We uploads some in our Art of Cosplay Section so many people can see that we very serious doing our commissioning business.


5. Why cosplay1.com ask my photos? What for ?

Cosplay1.com need client photos to cross check the measurement data that our clients gave us. We need it to check other body measurement proportion too. We know that client photos is privacy of our clients and will not publish it anywhere. We only need photos from front and back. No nude photos please.


6. How can I take my body measurements?

We have a simply and easy to follow charts, please follow this link.


7. Cosplay1.com have both Gallery and Art of cosplay section, what is the different between those two?

Gallery is containing finishing shoots and Art of cosplay containing progress shoots.


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latest news & events

Mortal Kombat Cosplay – Kitana and Sub Zero

Updated: 27.03.2014 by cosplay1

Mortal Kombat Cosplay is dedicated for all cosplayer that know and love this game by Midway. According to wiki they already entering the ninth of the game series, the last one just caller Mortal Kombat 2011. To be honest, me.. the cosplay1.com team that write this article only know the mortal kombat 3 on Super [...]

One Piece Cosplay -Monkey D Luffy

Updated: by cosplay1

After making a list of One Piece Catalog few days ago, we just remembered that we have another client that purchase and buy our service of making Cosplay.  We contacted him, and he sent some photos of him wearing One Piece Cosplay, Monkey D Luffy Character. For anyone that don’t know him.. (really? ) well [...]

Client Photos from Boa Wedding Dress

Updated: 25.03.2014 by cosplay1

Finishing  shoots from Boa Hancock Wedding Dress   This wedding dress is referring to the character from Portrait of Pirates Boa Hancock, My lovely client Kim chan ordered several times including the other version of Boa Hancock cosplay dress. The Gallery of this cosplay can be found trough this link. Specification about this cosplay costume [...]

Buy Plus Size Cosplay ? cosplay1 is the place

Updated: 22.03.2014 by cosplay1

Cosplaying is for every one, we at cosplay1.com is the best place to customized the need of cosplaying from skinny person until big size and plus size cosplayer. The difficulties that many plus size people to express them self in the terms of attending a cosplay party or go to a convention is considered solve [...]

Photo Client from Rei Mii Cosplay Costume

Updated: 24.08.2012 by cosplay1

Foto Client from Rei Mii Cosplay Costume Rei Mii cosplay costume is one of the costume we made last year.     Specification about this cosplay costume : Cosplay fabrication using : cotton Cosplay size :  Custom made Embroidery on cosplay : no Estimate time of cosplay production : 45 days – 60 days   [...]


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